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The Sunset Cloaked

A Journey rp blog for my origional character Sybil. Feel free to ask away!
Aug 15 '13

Revenge of the Muses: Ask the Muse things about the Mun

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Aug 14 '13

{{Cloak colors are not really something I consider when it comes to “liking” someone. After all, it is really the personality that weighs the decision, yes? Although, I have had very few encounters with blackcloaks, so I do not really know how I should “feel” about them.}}

Aug 13 '13

Anonymous asked:

that is a mighty fine ass you have there. mmph. *grabs booty*


{{P-Please refrain from touching my posterior! However “fine” it may be, I-I do not know you at all, greycloak….}}

Aug 13 '13

aw ye TMI Tuesday



Aug 8 '13

Reblod this and I’ll draw your Journey OC in a fashion I choose


((I’m bored, gonna be a long weekend this weekend. So yeah, reblog, and I’ll draw your OC in a fashion I feel like making. Visual Kei, Harjuku, lolita, whatever. None-colored sorry, but I’m feeling clothing fetish. XD ))

Aug 6 '13


 ”I Can’t… Fly…” Hariol looked down, a bit embarrassed. “My tribe also has many excellent flyers, but I am not one. The best I could do is glide down, but when I reach the bottom, I must climb all the way up again. We fortunetellers were not allowed to mingle with ‘commoners’ unless there is such meeting scheduled so, I never got to learn how to with my commoner friends.”

Hariol fixed up himself and breathed the morning air in. “I could… Try… If it does speed up our travels and will lessen your burden”

Sybil tilted her head at his explanation “You cannot fly…?” She thought of it a little strange. She always believed that all travelers learned how to fly before the start of their journey, but she didn’t know how different tribes would act. She suddenly started feeling guilty, asking him to try to fly when he can’t. And for the sake of rushing the travel because someone might get mad? She felt as though she was acting ridiculous.

{{I-I…..I am sorry for my flippant request….Perhaps I am worrying too much about the situation…..}} She bowed her head in apology. {{…..Please forgive my discourtesy…}}

Sybil thought a moment how he mentioned that he never learned how to fly. She wanted to thank the whitecloak for the trouble of guiding her to his home, but she felt a simple thank you wouldn’t be enough. She looked up at him {{Hariol…..Do you wish to fly? If you were unable to do so because no one taught you, I would gladly teach you in return for taking me to your tribe…..That is, if nothing else prevents you from being able to fly?}}

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Aug 5 '13

Closed RP @ask-snowy-wayfarer


Anyu was starting to get the hang of the desert sands, and the heat. She still preferred the mountains though, at least there was some solid footing. Climbing the sand dunes was a bit of a hassle for her, but she quite liked sliding down them. It was much easier than going downhill in the snow. She was now quite glad she had made the choice to try and explore the desert more now that she knew the mountain range rather well.

Of course the first thing that caught her eye was a tower looming over the sparkling grains of sand, and since Anyu lived in a tower she thought it might be a good place to start exploring. Maybe she’d find a map that lead to some place special or forgotten. There were so many things she’d like to do before the time came when she’d have to revisit her choice to not go into the light of the tall mountain. One of these things was to discover even more about the land and it’s past, and something else she was considering was to see if there was anything on the other side of the mountains.

[< Man, it’s so hot here. >] Anyu sighed, beads of sweat rolling down her cheeks. She had tried to fashion clothes that let her skin breath and let her body heat out to keep her cool, but there was only one temperature in the sands which was hot. Unless it was night time, in which it became a pleasant temperature in between warm and cool.

As Anyu slid down another sand dune, she lost her footing in the loose beads of sand and tumbled down the rest of the way. She landed on her stomach in the sand, spraying it forward. She was glad that she had her mask and hood so that none of the sand got into her mouth, but it didn’t help that so much of her skin was exposed. She stood up and began to bush the sand from her dark, grey skin deciding she should probably slow her pace just a little so she wouldn’t be so worn out when she reached her destination.

Sybil turned her head in every direction to get a view of her surroundings. Everything seemed fine and nothing was stirring up the desert sands. It all seemed to be a peaceful, lonely day, as she inhaled deeply the afternoon breeze. Until Sybil’s ears caught the noise of sand rapidly sifting.

Immediately, the little wanderer, timid as she was, lifted herself off the edge and back onto the roof of the tower. She hid behind a broken pillar, a little poorly as her long scarf was flowing in the breeze, and she peeked her head out to search for what was making the sounds. Sybil looked to the left and immediately spotted the colorful wanderer off in the distance, laying on the ground for a moment. She could tell they took quite a tumble from the way they were dusting all of the sand off.

Sybil might be shy, but she was never one to turn her head away if someone was ever injured. Yes, the woman appeared quite fine, and it was only stumbling over the sands, but Sybil was one to worry a little too much. She poked her head further from behind the pillar and chimed at the young stranger, her core symbol easily seen at the top of the tower.

{{E-Excuse me?! Are you quite alright?!}} Sybil still didn’t move from behind the pillar, however. {{You seemed to have taken a bad fall….you are unharmed, yes?}}

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Aug 5 '13

Anonymous asked:

would you rather punch a stranger or kiss a stranger?

{{I do not have much of a choice, really……I would have to kiss a stranger. Not only am I too weak in strength to resort to physical violence, but I am what you might call a “pacifist”. I suppose I do not mind the choice….er- maybe at least the stranger would seem kind, that is.}}

Aug 5 '13

Anonymous asked:

have you ever slept with someone?

{{A-Actually…..y-yes, I have. Not too long ago, I suppose, and the times I did it was with the same person. Although I am still quite new to this….”e-experience”…}}

Aug 5 '13

Reblog if you want a bunch of “have you evers” and “would you rathers” in your ask box right now.

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Aug 5 '13

A fruitless search..?


And now, it was time to explore. Though Ezra had been freed for over a month, he’d stayed within a rather small radius of where he emerged. What could he say? It was difficult to try and leave the only thing that was somewhat familiar to him. This once great city was now ruins, and he couldn’t even recognize anything anymore. But he knew it was the city he made home so very long ago, and he didn’t want to change that.

However, it wasn’t doing him too much good to stay where he was. There was a river nearby, but even so he rarely saw people pass by. Instead, he had to seek them out. He’d even recently put up signs for his shop to try and catch the eye of any passersby… though his shop was far smaller than he preferred. So today, he took it upon himself to explore the ruins of the city and see if there was anything stable and large enough to suit his needs.

A note was left at his shop/home just in case anybody did come across the signs and tried to visit, reading “Will return by sunset.”

Spreading his cloak, the jewels and bones that decorated it making the action a rather noisy one, Ezra glided up atop some large, buried and half-collapsed building. He was much further from his home than he had yet been. His intention was to continue deeper into the city, but as he landed on the building’s partially caved in roof, he was able to see what lied past it: desert. Nothing but desert. The man huffed, kicking aside some rubble with his bare feet. What a disappointment! When he went in the other direction the last time he explored, he found desert awaiting him not far from his home. He thought that surely, with how large the city used to be, the ruins would extend much further… but it seemed that even the remains of the city were wasted away.

With a heavy sigh, the man just plopped down and sat on the collapsed roof, dangling his feet off the side and glaring into the seemingly endless dunes before him. His mask obscured the look on his face, but it faced the sands and didn’t move for a long time.

Not too far away, a large bundle of tapestry was being disturbed by a short traveler. The cloth shined with light as it empowered the core of the wanderer and refilled the energy of her incredibly long scarf. Once she reached the top of the flowing tapestry, she flapped the wings of her cloak and took off, soaring over the city.

Sybil glided all around the city with great speed, much faster than even experienced flyers. It wasn’t often she came through the city…or any remains of villages at all. She mainly strayed far from the mountain, where civilization had never touched. On this rare occasion of journeying back where the summit could tower over the great desert, she humored herself to delve into the ruins of a once, prosperous city. Perhaps she could bring back an artifact or two. An exciting thought, if Sybil would actually land somewhere.

Instead, she blazed across the sky, dashing past numerous towers, although using a lot of her scarf energy. Sybil felt content with her speedy flight, until her sixth sense caught a presence nearby. But it wasn’t the ordinary traveler passing by. Something was off, and the young traveler didn’t like it. She kept at her great speed, but still attempted to find what was causing the unusual feeling.

Sure enough, she saw the dark cloak of the stranger sitting atop the nearly destroyed building. He seemed to be the one giving the strange feeling, but it was odd for Sybil. Unfortunately, her scarf was continuing to drain and she had to land soon before she was completely out of energy. Hopefully the man wouldn’t notice her, but with her cloak flapping in the wind, it was most likely hard to ignore.

Jul 30 '13

TMI Tuesday!




(( will probs draw responses this time- ))